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Paul Baran has started a number of Silicon Valley companies. The most 
recent is Com21, Inc. developing equipment to deliver bi-directional ATM 
megabit data to the home over TV cable systems. 
Mr. Baran is an IEEE Life Fellow, a Marconi Fellow, and is a Fellow of the 
Among his awards are the IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal, the ACM 
SIGCOMM Award, the Drexel Centennial Medal and the EFF Pioneer Award. 
Co-founder and Chin. of the Board, Com21, Inc. 
Co-founder, Chm of the Board and Director, Metricom, Inc. 
Co-founder, InterFax, Inc. 
Codounder and Chm. of the Board, Telebit Inc. 
Director, 3Corn 
Co-founder and Chin of the Board, Packet Technologies, Inc. (a leveraged 
buyout of a portion of this company became StrataCom.) 
Codounder, Equatorial Communications Co. 
Co-founder and CEO, Cabledata Associates 
Co-founder, vice-president and Sr. Fellow, Institute for the Future 
Other: RAND Corp. Hughes Aircraft Co.; and Eckert-Mauchley Computer 
Drexel University, B. S. Electrical Engineering '49. 
University of California at Los Angeles, M. S. Engineering, '59. 
Technical Papers and Inventions 
Published over 60 papers; Inventions include: packet-switching (RAND), V- 
SATs (Equatorial), PEP modems (Telebit), Metricom meter and packet radio, 
Fast packet switching (StrataCom), Interactive fax retrieval (InterFax). 
Professional Activities 
Editorial Board, Computer Networks and ISDN Systems. 
Various technical societies: ACM, IEEE (Life Fellow), AAAS (Fellow.) 
Previous Activities 
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National Research Council, Committee on Review of Switching in National 
Security, '86-'88. 
DoD National Commission on Long Term Integrated Strategy, Technology 
Working Group. '87-'88. 
Several US Congress Office of Technology Assessment Panels: 
Information Systems; FAA Computer Acquisition Review, etc. c.'80. 
Silver medal (for the design of the Trailblazer Modem), PC World 1986. 
The Edwin. H. Armstrong Award, IEEE Communications Society 1987. 
The UCLA Advanced Computer. Tech. 1989 Act One Pioneer Award. 
The ACM Special Interest Group in Communications, First Annual Award, 
The IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal, Oct. 1990. 
The Marconi International Fellowship Award, June 1991 
Communications Week, Top 25 Visionaries Award, Jan. 1992 
Drexel University Centennial 100 Medal, June 1992 
Data Communications 20th Anniversary Issue, Top 20 people, Sept. 1992 
Electronic Frontier Foundation, Pioneer Award, Mar. 1993 
IEEE Fellow, 1993 
AAAS Fellow, 1995 
PB Resume 950718 
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